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NEW Year = Fab NEW Cardmix products

January 5, 2016

Cardmix Love Sick Greeting cards by Jessie Cave

We’re excited to kick off 2016 with an outstanding selection of new additions to the Cardmix offering.

Our annual Sales Meeting just before the Christmas break gave Keith Gillespie, Sales Director of Cardmix,  the opportunity to introduce four completely new ranges to the catalogue: Love Sick by Jessie Cave , On The Prowl from Rupert Fawcett,  alongside two  ranges from the new team in the Cardmix Studio – #JustSayin’ and Hello Happy .

These follow hot on the heels of the fabulous London Themed Out and About range from artist Klara Hawkins which were introduced at the end of 2015.

These new ranges are launched alongside our Cardmix 2016 Christmas collection consisting of over 140 brand new designs made up of charity packs, family singles, open singles and luxury boxes.

Keith was delighted by the response following the annual get together for Cardmix staff, designers, representatives and agents. “We are all incredibly positive about this new direction for Cardmix. Our new product really taps into the ongoing trend for strong visual combined with witty captions which will compete with the dynamic visual language increasingly popular on social media. 2016 promises to be an exciting New Year for Cardmix”.

A new logo for Cardmix, which will be rolling out in the New Year, was also unveiled at the Sales Meeting.


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