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Who We Are

Cardmix launched in August 2005 and we offer retailers a cocktail of fun, fashionable, quirky and humorous cards. We are renowned for the quality of our product and print; offering a variety of paper stocks and finishes.  We target aspirational 18-50 year olds.  We appeal to an ABC1 profile customer and as a result we are able to command a premium retail price point.

Cardmix sells direct to Retail, via brokers to Retail and via overseas Distributors. We have a very wide customer reach within the UK, with over 1000 independent card and gift shop accounts, major multiples including John Lewis, W H Smith, Waitrose, Waterstones, Scribbler, Fenwick and national organisations such as the National Trust.

Our portfolio currently includes a variety of multi-award winning licences including Kirstie Allsopp, Off The Leash and On The Prowl (by Rupert Fawcett) and the popular Chef and Sue cartoons which will be familiar to readers of the Waitrose Weekend magazine. We also publish blank and birthday ranges, such as Hello Happy, Out & About, Irene & Gladys, Tools of the Trade and the best selling Drama Queen range.

Our Kith & Kin collection contains an extensive range of Relation cards across a variety of styles to suit all sends, and we also publish a wide selection of Occasion and Age designs.

Although the majority of our customers are based in UK/Europe, we have built a healthy export business worldwide.

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